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SurgeryEuropa means affordable surgery in orthopedics and is located in Valencia, Spain. It is mainly focused on medical tourism surgery for patients coming from USA, Canada, Mexico and the UK who find our combination of the highest medical standards and low prices very appealing.

your needs
Your needs
Patients with no health insurance or who are on a long waiting list find SurgeryEuropa as a valid alternative to the services that their home country's health care system provides.+info
Surgical procedures
Our capabilities and services are comprehensive and include the finest care for hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, feet, ankles, ligaments, fractures, joints, hands, cartilage, tendons and more. Read about the various orthopedic surgical procedures we perform. +info
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Why SurgeryEuropa
As one of the leading orthopedic groups, we offer the most comprehensive health care systems and virtually all of the latest treatments with the finest technologies and services available anywhere. +info

Planning your visit
We guide you along all the process, from your first contact with SurgeryEuropa trough your recovery and follow up care. +info

About us
SurgeryEuropa is your medical surgery abroad alternative. Read about our world class organization and the first class medical facilities we use. +info
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You have questions, want to ask for a free quote, want to check if you are suitable for surgery and book your procedure:

Free quotations
Free quotations are available upon request for hip replacement cost, knee replacement cost as well as the cost of all other orthopedic procedures we perform.
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SurgeryEuropa offers a GUARANTEE: There is absolutely no charge or obligation for our assistance should you choose not to proceed with your surgical plans. +info

Read the most frequently asked questions about our services and our prices. +info

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