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SurgeryEuropa is a medical organization based in Valencia, Spain, that provides affordable medical and surgical orthopedic procedures to people who need high quality medical treatment but who cannot afford the high costs or the long waits often incurred under the health care system in their home country.   

Mission First world hospitals
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missionOur MISSION is to make QUALITY orthopedic surgical treatments AFFORDABLE for all.

Although "medical tourism" has been the descriptor for this new emerging industry,  it is important to know that SurgeryEuropa has a different philosophy on the concept of travelling abroad  for surgery. We understand the importance of receiving high quality medical care and also of allowing your body to recuperate after the surgery. No gimmicks...no marketing hype. The tourism part of the process should be the least important factor.

Many companies are using the term "medical tourism" as a motivator to attract clients into this new emerging concept of overseas medical care.  We do not. To effectively become the leader in providing healthcare abroad, our emphasis is placed on the efficacy of our surgeons and hospital partners, regardless of the physical location of their facility. In this respect, we will remain a leader in the field by providing  healthcare in a safe and affordable manner.


First World Hospitals

hospitalWith state-of-the-art medical facilities, on a par with the best hospitals in the US, UK, Canada, the medical facilities used in Valencia, Spain have been providing the highest quality medical care for over 30 years. More information about our facilities >

In contrast to our top quality medical facilities, there are other health care groups that offer low cost surgeries in various third world countries where the medical equipment and facilities may be less than state-of-the-art, and where there is little accountability. Read the news about blood in India >


Chief Orthopedic Surgeon

doctorDr. Montesinos MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, is the Medical Director. He is a member of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons and stays current with the most recent medical developments in the United States and elsewhere. 

Dr. Montesinos is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian. All of our medical staff members, as well as our assistants and secretaries, are fluent in English also. Read more about Dr. Montesinos >


Medical Team

Dr. Montesinos, Medical Director: Joint Replacement and Arthroscopic surgery

Dr. Lopez: Sports Medicine and Trauma

Dr. Brodon: Spine specialist

Dr. Garcia: Anesthesiologist




Valencia, Spain, located on the Mediterranean coast, (360 km/225 miles from Madrid and 300 km/185 miles from Barcelona), is a beautiful contemporary metropolitan city, yet has preserved many historical structures and monuments dating back 15 centuries.

Valencia is very economically prosperous, with all the modern technologies available just like any major city in the US or Canada. In fact, Valencia was selected as the 2008 host for the most prestigious and oldest sailing regatta in the world, The America’s Cup.
Read more about Valencia >