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Thanks to alternatives such as medical surgery abroad, many people have been able to improve their health and quality of life because of their finally being able to acquire much needed and affordable medical and surgical treatments. Medical tourism surgery offers the patient the possibility of obtaining first class medical treatment where cost is no longer an obstacle.


Terms such as Medical Tourism, Surgery Abroad or Medical Tourism Surgery are becoming more well known by the general public. But what exactly is Medical Surgery Abroad?

valencian lake Nowadays, Medical Surgery Abroad is a term used to define a touristic alternative that consists of traveling to a foreign country to obtain a medical or surgical treatment, while enjoying a larger variety of medical services that are more affordable than in one's country of residence.

emisphericFurthermore, Medical Surgery Abroad also includes those patients who travel to another country to get the medical treatment they need and combine that trip with a vacation opportunity.


One of the main reasons for the success of Medical Surgery Abroad is the fact that countries such as Spain offer patients the latest, most advanced treatment and medical service options, in first class facilities, at much lower prices than in their residence country.

medical facilitiesMedical Surgery Abroad has also become an ideal alternative for those patients who live in a country that has long surgical waiting lists that significantly delay them from getting the treatment they need, or those living in countries with limited medical services, or patients whose health insurance doesn't cover certain treatments or surgical procedures.

In many cases, the high price of medical care in the patient´s home country is an insurmountable obstacle that, on occasion, makes access to a needed medical or surgical treatment impossible. In these cases, Medical Surgery Abroad is the best option..

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SurgeryEuropa is a leading medical group in the field of Medical Tourism Surgery. Based in Valencia, Spain, its medical team guarantees maximum satisfaction for your surgical treatment abroad.

As a provider of Medical Surgery Abroad, we will do everything in our power to insure that your surgical experience, with all provided services, is optimized, thereby giving you the level of comfort and satisfaction that you expect.

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