Affordable surgery

SurgeryEuropa is a Medical Care Group based in Valencia, Spain, that provides patients with the highest quality surgical and medical procedures at affordable prices.

OUR MISSION IS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH AN AFFORDABLE SURGERY. Upon receiving your free quotation from us, you will see that SurgeryEuropa can save up to 50% off the prices quoted in your home country. Thus, your surgery becomes affordable.

When you decide to have your surgical procedure provided by SurgeryEuropa, the cost of traveling to Spain will be more than offset by the affordable surgery prices charged for orthopedists, anesthesiologists, medical devices and required hospital services.

We offer our patients first class medical service while helping them to save significant money. Affordable surgery is now within your grasp.

How can we save you money? It's simple: our modern cutting-edge facilities and medical professionals are all provided at a much more affordable price. Our health care system is simply less expensive and we pass the savings along to you. Plus we don't have long queues.

How can we provide an affordable surgery? Spain is a first world country where the medical care system and services are much more affordable than in other countries in Europe. Many of the reasons for this are too lengthy to delve into here, such as the lower cost of labor, the lower government taxes and less bureaucracy in Spain compared to other countries. However, perhaps most importantly, SurgeryEuropa is directly managed by medical doctors thus eliminating the supplemental costs of intermediaries.